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71% of B2B buyers consume blog content during their buyer journey.

Unboring B2B blogs, articles and long-form content

A blog or content hub is a fairly standard feature on most business sites. For good reason — well targeted, thoughtfully written content with purpose is a critical tool on the content marketing battlefield.

Whether we write blogs from desktop research, interviews, or another source, we take the same approach; what does the audience want to know, how can we solve a problem for them, and deliver insights that match brand voice and purpose.

Plan it well, and your blogs have a life beyond being filed on your website. Repurpose them across channels — social media posts, video scripts, email campaigns — for maximum content ROI.

Make your business blog your digital content base.

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Why brands invest in blogs and articles for B2B buyers


of marketers see positive ROI from consistent blogging.

Source: HubSpot


of B2B buyers see vendor websites as highly influential.

Source: MarketingCharts



of B2B content marketers use short articles and posts.

Source: CMI

Boost visibility, build authority, and be genuinely useful

Plan your blog

Keep content relevant with smart strategy

Align your content strategy and blog

Get clear on the role of your blog in building your brand voice.

Audit your existing blog to benchmark change

Use SEO and social listening to pinpoint topics and specs

Interview internal and external stakeholders

Topics and tone

Tap into what your target audience needs.

Create a stash of blog content

Create content across pillars before launch for consistent rollout. 

Interview real-life internal experts and external stakeholders 

Draft, edit and revise in service of your ideal audience

Align with brand voice and style guidelines

Repurpose and promote

Slice and dice your blog content into new formats.

Amplify. Systematically.

Don’t write blogs and articles and leave them unloved on your website.


Slice into social captions

Build email or media campaigns

Make it shareable across channels

A team of B2B content experts creating blogs that your audience wants to read

A network of copywriters, editors, SEO and design partners to shape your brand blog.

B2B blogs don’t have to be put in the boring pile. When you know exactly who your target audience is, you have an opportunity to tailor your blog content to suit their needs. From topic to format to tone of voice — create and curate a brand blog that offers industry insights and audience value.

With a Content Director in Brisbane, an Ops Manager in Melbourne, and writers and editors spread across APAC  – we’re a modern B2B content agency that loves telling business stories.

What our clients say

Interviews that help unpack the tech

We’re proud to work with Amanda to produce quality B2B content in partnership with global vendors.

Thanks for your subject matter expert interviews that help unpack the tech.


Marketing and Alliances, Outcomex

Our CTO was so impressed

Our CTO was so impressed with how she captured highly technical concepts!

IT Marketing Manager

Speedy turnarounds appreciated

I’ve just read your article and it’s great! Thanks for your great contribution to our B2B thought leadership with your thorough research, detailed interviews, and engaging content.

And the speedy turnarounds are appreciated!


Sonja Stockton
Head of Communications, Toll

Meet our Content Director

“Blogs can be your secret content weapon for SEO, visibility and repurposing ROI.”

Amanda Vanelderen
WorkWords Content Founder and Content Director.

Amanda has produced blog content for leading B2B brands, state and federal governments, NFPs, and… you name it, she’s probably written about it 🙂 

Working with SEO, comms and marketing teams, Amanda leads the delivery of strategic blog content that feeds marketing machines.


  • Certified Practising Marketer (CPM) – Australian Marketing Institute
  • Judge – The Clever Copywriting Awards
  • Member – Australian Society for Technical Communication (ASTC)

How we work on your business blog content

Strategy & planning

Align blog content with audience pain points and marketing goals.

Research & interviews

Unlock the best industry intelligence  – internal subject matter experts.

Writing & editing

Elevate your blogs with specialist writers, editors and communicators.


Showcase your message with user-friendly graphics and data visualisation.


Keep your blog free of typos, broken links and outdated content.


Amplify your blog and reuse across email, socials and sales decks.

Our business blog service packages

We build a custom project quote for your blog project based on your marketing goals.

Build a


Boost online visibility with

foundation content

$POA +gst

For brands ready to build a blog to fuel their content marketing

Audit &


Make the most of what you


$POA +gst

For brands ready to refresh and repurpose existing content



Create ongoing, consistent


$POA +gst

For busy marketing teams who need support to execute

5 tips for B2B blog and article content


Make every B2B blog align with your content strategy – a tool in service of solving an audience pain point


Use data to identify content and keyword gaps — and plug them with targeted, consistent content


Ask the experts — use subject matter experts for unique perspectives and to tap into audience language


Write to meet audience need and to be found online by your ideal audience — do your homework on SEO content


Repurpose blog content — flog the blog across social media, video scripts and email campaigns

Blog and article FAQs

How can B2B brands use blogs and articles as part of content marketing?

A blog doesn’t have to be full of boring articles and press releases. With the right strategy and planning your blog can boost online visibility, generate leads, and build a long-term audience relationship. Tumbleweeds no more!

How do we choose the right blog topics?

The right topics match your ideal audience’s needs, interests and pain points (if you’re not sure what they are, ask them). Your blog topic calendar can be informed by:

  • SEO and keyword research
  • industry-specific news and trends
  • monitoring competitor performance
  • content partnership opportunities
  • supporting in-market campaigns

What are types of B2B blog content?

Depending on the stage in your sales cycle or marketing funnel, different types of content and formats make the most impact. Types of B2B blog content include: 

  • How-we-did-it guides and tutorials: Go beyond the how-to format to step-by-step instructions in action
  • Case studies and customer success stories: Let your customers convince your prospects by sharing real life impact 
  • Industry news, insights and trends: Position your brand as the go-to source of industry intelligence
  • Expert Q&As: Share internal, partner and stakeholder knowledge
  • Thought leadership articles: Build authority with expert analysis, insights, opinion pieces and commentary
  • The good old listicle: The format stands the test of time with the right topic and some short-term wins 
  • Behind-the-scenes: Humanise your profile with a glimpse of the people, processes and technology that fuel your business
  • Infographics and data visualisation: Make complex information accessible and engaging
  • Product or service comparisons: Compare your own, or with a competitor, to showcase features and benefits for different buyer needs

How long should a B2B blog be?

Sorry, there’s no one right answer to that one. The length, format and frequency of your B2B blog or articles depends on what suits your audience and aligns with your business goals. Leads at different stages of the sales cycle or marketing funnel are likely to have different preferences. Your topic also influences blog length – a quick preview of a new service is likely to be much shorter than an in-depth guide.

How do you optimise B2B blog content for SEO?

The principles of search engine optimisation (SEO) are the same across B2B and B2C content. Optimising an individual blog or article starts with researching the right topic for your audience – and understanding how your ideal audience searches for that information.

Optimising content as part of a smart content strategy includes:

  • keyword research for on-page optimisation
  • link building to drive blog traffic
  • high-quality content aligned with user search intent that’s easy to find online.

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