Need a copywriter who isn’t shy of big brands? Who can switch between creative and corporate like some sort of agile… monkey?

Hi, I’m Amanda Vanelderen. Writer and agile monkey. 

Let’s talk if you need a creative campaign, content marketing smarts or some complicated stuff explained in a simple way.


It takes longer to write and longer to read. 

Ever agonise over emails or live in fear of others judging your work?

This simple guide makes it easy to stop second-guessing yourself, write better and save time.

And it has pictures. You’re welcome.




Choose your service


Corporate, creative and campaign copy.


Need a slogan, a tagline or some snappy micro copy?

Tone of voice and brand guidelines

Find your brand voice and tell your story.

Plain English strategy and training

Write to be understood.

Online content

Smart webpages, blogs and online content.

SEO strategy and content

SEO content that keeps everyone happy.

Editing and proofreading

When your words need a helping hand.

Content strategy

Get smart with content planning.

Business blogs

Blogs to make customer’s happy.

Big brand writer with SEO smarts

Starting from scratch to build your brand voice, or writing a new chapter in your story? 

Strong branding and smart writing make it easy for your audience to trust you. Capture the heart, the head will follow.

More than just SEO – we worked together to create a brand voice

Amanda didn’t just write some content for my website, she built a brand identity for my engineering consultancy. I loved the wording, the SEO research was spot on and my web developer said it was some of the best content she’s seen! Thanks Amanda for working together to get this right.

There were times when I was a bit slow on the uptake thanks to moving countries and picking up more work – but Amanda was always so understanding and helpful!

Carly Price

Founder, The Questioning Engineer

Fun, accessible content

Amanda untangled our complicated IT and robotics information and delivered fun, accessible content.

She brought SEO smarts and a creative spark to selling our STEM education kits without losing info on tech specs.



Project Manager, STARLab

Top-notch work (and just as importantly, super easy to work with)

My first experience working with Amanda was just as I like it, easy and fuss-free. Amanda understood the brief with no drama and swiftly came up with copy that hit the mark.

I’ve since engaged Amanda to write and edit SEO and EDM copy across hospitality, wedding, health and education industries, sometimes under very tight deadlines, and I’m pleased to say that she’s never let me down.

Natalie Foxon

Director, Foxed PR

Talented copywriter delivered on tech content

Amanda was the writer we needed for our new website. She hit the ground running and delivered SEO friendly web content quickly for our high profile data centres.

Responsive, professional, creative – all on time and budget. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Amanda.

Lise Kay

CMO, Airtrunk

Sells our services with great writing and ideas

Thanks Amanda for helping us deliver brochures in a tone to back up our commitment to personalised service and results. Our chats about audiences and key messages went a long way to focusing on what makes us stand out as debt recovery experts.

You simply think of ways to communicate things that we never could!

I’d recommend Amanda for her creativity, professionalism and the way she can put herself in the audience’s shoes, every time.

Julie Lamers

CEO, Kearley Lewis

Dream copy deck from a dream to work with!

When great copy meets design smarts… boom! Magic happens!

Amanda rocked the content in a super professional copy deck, and she knows her SEO inside out.

You rock AV!

Samara Simmons

Chief Designer, Cassidy Designs

Let’s build your brand