Big brand copywriter with SEO smarts

Need a copywriter who isn’t shy of big brands? Can switch between small biz and agency copy like some sort of agile… monkey?
Hi, I’m Amanda Vanelderen. Copywriter, comms specialist and agile monkey.

You could say I’m lucky, because copywriting is my dream job. But I’ve worked hard to build experience across corporate, government and NFP brands. Luck isn’t getting all the credit for that. I can explain SEO copywriting, take the pain out of your next website update, and write web words, slogans and taglines, newsletters, blogs, annual reports. Whatever your heart desires.

Amanda is an amazing Brisbane copywriter!

Her copywriting is sharp, focussed and all about the audience. Her marketing and communication expertise means her writing is covering all the bases. And her enthusiasm and sense of humour remain intact regardless of deadlines or curveballs. Thank you Amanda!

Rebekah Robertson

Marketing and Advertising Coordinator, Brisbane

Great copywriting makes a connection

Great copywriting makes a connection with the audience to get your business noticed, create new customers and build your brand. Everyone wants to feel connected, part of something, understood. If you need a freelance copywriter who listens and makes the process simple, we might be right for each other.

I like big brands and I cannot lie (and small ones too)

I love to start from scratch to build a brand, through a tone of voice guide or comms planning. Or working with what’s there and writing a new chapter in a brand story. Strong branding and smart writing aren’t just for big business – every business needs consistent, clear language and messages. My writing makes it easy for your customers to trust you. Capture the heart, the head will follow.





Make a human connection with words to sell, engage and build your brand.

Editing and proofreading

When your words need a helping hand.

SEO friendly content

Smart webpages, blogs and online content.

Communication projects

Brand guidelines, campaigns and Plain English strategies.

Small business

Bang for your buck with small biz copywriting and comms packages.

Coaching and assessment

Build your skills with assessment, coaching and inhouse training.