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B2B buyers are overwhelmed by the volume of content available.

The world of short attention spans and digital noise is an opportunity. B2B buyers crave clarity in their content and communications. Give it to them with consistent, concise, and credible resources and tools.

Make the choice clear with expert B2B content services that elevate your brand.

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Strategy & planning

Take the guesswork out of connecting with your ideal customers with smart strategies and practical plans to bring them to life.

Copywriting services

From refreshingly useful B2B copywriting to copy editing and proofreading support across internal and external projects.

Content marketing

Build campaigns, hubs or ongoing content to drive leads and push your prospects through the sales funnel.

5 signs you need some support from a content writing agency

no time for internal

teams to bring strategies

to life with content

you need more leads that CONVERT to deals

you’re talking AT your audience instead of TO them

competitors are

outranking, outselling and

outdoing you

you don’t know what’s working and what isn’t

How a content writing agency works


Our approach involves 3 key stages for your content.



Take the guesswork out of your content marketing with smart strategy



Communicate clearly with specialist writing, editing and proofreading



Boost online visibility and amplify across channels and formats for repeat ROI

How our content supports your marketing goals

Generate leads as warms as toast
Boost website traffic and visibility
Build authority as a thought leader
Support your Sales team
Nurture long-term relationships
Up lifetime customer value

What our clients say

Thanks for getting us over the line!

Amanda worked with us and took our sustainability report content from tangled knot to smooth sailing.

She helped us unfold the message we wanted to articulate and ensure we maintained a consistent voice throughout.

She was flexible with changing and challenging timeframes, across reporting compliance, and a huge help on content structure and writing.

Thanks for getting us over the line Amanda!

 Sally Evans
Viva Energy

Interviews that help unpack the tech

We’re proud to work with Amanda to produce quality B2B content in partnership with global vendors.

Thanks for your subject matter expert interviews that help unpack the tech.


Frances Demetriou
Marketing and Alliances, Outcomex

Helped us to be taken seriously

BWorkWords Content supported our industry association to up our communication game when it comes to professional, persuasive submissions to government stakeholders and relevant industry enquiries.

Well-written reporting and position papers helped us to be taken seriously and raise awareness of key industry issues.

Thanks Amanda for no-nonsense writing, your attention to detail, and for doing it all with a sense of humour!


Joan Leeds
Secretary, Queensland Business Association

Balancing data with delight

We’re a strategic B2B content agency.

That means we create content with purpose, on purpose. Content that supports brands to boost visibility, build authority, and generate leads as warm as toast.

Most of your competitors will invest in the wrong spaces or churn out copycat content.

Our strategy-first approach is your chance to seize the day with genuinely useful content.

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