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Showcase customer success across apps, APIs, SaaS and startups

From downtime to speed to market, the real story is the *impact*
you make.

All-in one tech case study research, interviews, writing and design

Case studies are not about giving every reader a complete history of your company.

Believe it or not, case studies work best in tech when they focus on your customer and their success — and ultimately how they owe it all to you, of course #HumbleBrag

Case studies don’t have to be dull and all about the tech specs. While we want to establish exactly what the issue was and how your customer got to a solution, the real focus goes beyond results to impact. What happened next?

They need to be understood by a range of stakeholders and decision-makers — from the engineers to the C-Suite.

Your tech, app and SaaS case study team

Tech-savvy interviewers, researchers,
copywriters, editors, and design
partners to suit your brand and budget.

Amanda works with talented B2B tech writers, editors, consultants, UXers and designers to deliver case studies that will make your day.

With a Creative Director in Brisbane, writers and editors spread across Sydney, Melbourne and APAC  – we’re a modern B2B content agency telling tech stories.

What our clients say

Our CTO was so impressed

Our CTO was so impressed with how she captured highly technical concepts!


IT Marketing Manager

The best experience

I have been writing and producing Annual Reports for 10 years now and this has been the best experience I have had.


Property Industry Foundation

Through the danger zone

…assured me that all was on track – then made sure that it actually was. Thank you Amanda we made it through the danger zone (our inside joke!)


Marketing Manager, AAM Group

Choose your tech case study package

and PM

Interviews, research and finding the angle for tech audiences.

Case study setup and planning

Complete technology case study planning and production.

Work to a planned schedule and case study structure

Interviews from engineers and coders to C-suiters 

Well-researched questions to unlock the impact of your tech

Write the tech case study

Showcase your role in customer success with refreshing B2B copywriting.

Case studies aren’t about you. Sorry.

It’s your client’s story, and how you empowered it. 

Work with expert writers who can find an angle at 50 paces

Add urgency to the story by outlining pain points

Draft, edit and revise for fast customer approval

Production and promotion

Share your story across channels and formats for some serious content ROI.

Tell everyone a good news story

Don’t invest in a case study and leave it unloved on your website. 


 Content that fuels social and trade media campaigns

Supporting blog and video content

Embed in existing sales decks and promo materials

We’ve loved working with

How to produce tech case studies people
*actually* want to read.



Tell a customer success story that showcases your tech tools 


Get people talking on the technology and it’s impact



Be ready for tech talk with a custom question set to suit your case study goals


Know enough to ask thoughtful questions and probe into facts and figures



Tell the story with design and infographics


Promote to your ideal audience across all your content platforms

5 top tips for your tech case study


Focus on impact - what difference did the results make to business?


Create a question set to get authentic feedback and proof points


Be specific with metrics and results


Don’t forget to include people - not just corporate speak


Write for your audience — use the tech jargon they’re comfortable with

All about the impact.

Tell everyone.

Tell the right story, and you can use it again and again
without sounding like a broken record.