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Yes, YOU can be good at sales. Here’s how

Fear of selling and self-promotion can hold soloists back, and be the difference between sinking or swimming. Here’s how I got good at sales without breaking into a cold sweat.

Email tips: 4 ways to build your business AND reputation

Do you find it tough to get a reply to your emails? Do you have problems getting a straight answer? These four simple tips will help you get it right.

Managing complaints: A step-by-step guide

No one likes getting a complaint. When you are a small or solo business, it can seem impossible not to take it personally. But take the right approach, and you have a lot to gain.

Don’t let digital FOMO ruin your business and make you a sad panda

Do you have digital fear of missing out (FOMO)? It’s easy to develop. You can get sucked down the online rabbit hole and feel like you have to be everywhere at once. Your business has no hope otherwise, right? Don’t believe the hype. You can be selective with your...

Content marketing confessions: 24 reasons I didn’t blog today

Content marketing gods, I’m sorry I didn't blog today. Or this week. Have you found some marbles lying around? They might be mine. I’m a copywriter with marketing smarts. I’m all over content marketing and the importance of consistent, fresh content. I know about...

Copywriting to connect: Connect first, sell later

Business writing check up: Are you falling into these common traps?

Give yourself a writing check up! How many of these common pitfalls do you fall into with your business writing?

Get to the PowerPoint! Quick tips for writing better business presentations

PowerPoint is a great tool, but gets a bad reputation from people using it poorly. Use these tips to stand out with a great business presentation and watch your stocks rise!

The day Karl Stefanovic showed us all how to say sorry

If you find yourself going viral for all the wrong reasons, Karl Stefanovic is your unlikely role model for taking responsibility and getting on with fixing the mess. If something has gone wrong, take a breath and consider this advice before you make a move.

How writing well at work will get you a raise

Make all your writing at work clear, succinct and to the point.