Plain English training and planning

Simple, clear language that is understood by your audience.

Plain English training and planning

Plans and training for Plain English in your organisation.

Understanding Plain English and how to communicate in a simple, uncomplicated way helps build your brand and engage your audience.

What will training in Plain English teach me?

I love to write in Plain English (people also call it plain language).

It sounds like it could be a bit boring. How is something plain going to bring visitors to your website, convert sales or help your audience understand your key messages?

Plain English features include:

  • short and functional words, sentences, paragraphs
  • active voice – “you, we” – not passive

  • familiar, everyday words

  • only relevant information necessary for audience

  • avoiding jargon and explaining technical terms

  • avoiding overusing words e.g. that/ which/ and

  • lists and dot points to break up information.

Why use Plain English?

Plain English is:

  • faster to write, faster to read

  • focussed on the audience

  • more likely to get the message across, the first time

  • accessible to people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds or who struggle with English or literacy for any other reason
  • child-friendly.

What can Plain English do for your business?

  • Sell your ideas, services or products

  • Customers understand their rights and responsibilities

  • Higher customer satisfaction

  • Fewer complaints to resolve (saves money)

  • Plain language content is easier to maintain and update

Planning to use Plain English in your business

I can help you with a plan to use Plain English in your business. This might include a style guide or branding guidelines on the tone of voice your business and brand represents, and training for you and your staff.

Need help with Plain English?

Let’s talk about the how, why and what you need to transition your organisation to using Plain English.

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Plain English training