Brand guidelines development

A plan to build your brand

Brand guidelines

Guidelines for your brand’s identity and voice.

What are brand guidelines?

A brand guideline provides a map of how your brand will be represented – visually and through tone, language and values. Brand guidelines are much more than just your logo.

A great brand guideline is a copywriter’s dream come true. It’s a win-win. The copywriter gets to understand how to represent you and your business, and you get to save oodles of time and cash. Ka-ching!

Brand guidelines

Brand guidelines might include:

  • guidelines for tone of voice and language – how does it differ when talking to different audiences (PR, media, customers)
  • examples of how logos and straplines/ slogans should be used. Visual identity examples should include right and wrong examples
  • social media guidelines – is your brand strategy to create your own content, post only about your own products, or to repost others and create lifestyle posts which don’t directly sell
  • information on brand ambassadors and how they can be used
  • customer personas – who is your brand targeting and what do they need?
  • the type of images used to represent the brand.

Good brand guidelines:

  • have the audience positioned as the centre of the brand
  • include brand values – what do you want to be known for? What are your values for how you do business? These are for your staff as well as your customers
  • articulate brand goals and make them measurable
  • include a vision, mission and strategy for your brand.

How to develop a brand guideline

Get in touch and we can talk about developing a brand guideline for your business. It doesn’t have to break the bank. You might find you already have most of the information and just need to pull it together into a clear, useable document.

I’d love to help!

Brand guidelines mean savings down the track

Great copywriting isn’t cheap. Neither is great graphic design. Or web development. Or marketing. Or PR.

If you have a brand guideline, you are giving your copywriter a shortcut to understanding your business. The brand guideline has done the hard work of researching your audience, tone of voice and how you want copywriting to complement the brand and its values.

It is the best possible way to save money on your copywriter and other professionals! Not to mention getting consistent, brand building copywriting and design!

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