Annual reports

Experienced annual report writer for reports delivered on time and budget

Annual reports

Annual reports delivered on time without the stress.

Annual reports sneaking up on you? An experienced annual report writer can help

Yes, they happen once a year. At the same time. But life in business is busy, and an annual report writer can take the stress out of the process.

My secret to great annual reports

I love writing them! I get a kick out of organising your information and results to help your business meet reporting obligations, showcase achievements and challenges and tell your business story.

If you are a small business or a startup, you might use an annual report to raise your business profile. For government departments and large organisations, you’ll have a lot more regulatory considerations. I can help.

When should you hire an annual report writer?

Ideally, not in May when your report is due in July. But it happens!

If you find yourself in a bind each year with your annual report, consider setting set up some simple systems to capture your business information during the year. The financial information usually takes care of itself (that’s what accountants are for, not copywriters), but lots of businesses let themselves down when it comes to keeping track of achievements, successes and how they’ve helped clients.

Sometimes the best way to showcase your business is to get a fresh set of eyes to take a look. I’m ready to help.

My annual report experience

I’ve produced annual reports across:

  • government departments and agencies
  • statutory authorities
  • non-profit organisations
  • private sector.

My experience includes:

  • copywriting annual report content including case studies, biographies and executive summaries
  • setting up templates and reporting systems
  • print and publishing management.

5 quick annual report tips

  1. Don’t start your annual report in May if it is due in July. Plan for your annual report all year round with templates and regular reporting.
  2. Keep track of your good news stories – these make great case studies to showcase your business and show your audience what you are about in a much cooler way than numbers on a page.
  3. Make sure the financial and regulatory aspects are understood at the start of the financial year. Don’t leave it too late to fix.
  4. Use the annual report to make a connection with your audience, your customers, your stakeholders and your staff. It doesn’t have to be impersonal to be professional.
  5. Testimonials and feedback from other businesses or customers are a great way to highlight what you are doing well. You can tell us all you want, but showing us what other people think is a lot more credible.

Talk to an experienced annual report writer

Annual reports don’t have to be stressful. I’ll make it simple and efficient.

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