Ahhh, the heady days of office Christmas parties.

Most people drank quietly, and a couple who didn’t provided some entertainment and lunch room gossip. Oh, the glory of Christmas gossip!

Planning your Christmas party for one doesn’t have to be miserable.

Granted, the guest list is minimal, but fun can still be on the (alternate drop) menu.

Money talks

On the plus side, you control the budget and can keep costs reasonable. Unless you decide to gift all the employees (*cough* just you) with an all-expenses paid trip to the Maldives. Or Wollongong.

Food glorious food

If the caterer won’t prepare a buffet for one, fear not. Order the deluxe platter and force your family to eat crudités and mini sushi for a week. That’ll show ‘em.

“If the caterer won’t prepare a buffet for one, fear not. Order the deluxe and force your family to eat crudités and mini sushi for a week.”

Reindeer games

Write a festive trivia quiz for yourself all about your business. Start easy with when you started, and then stump yourself on where your laptop charger is, and why you ordered so many business cards.

It’s a thrill just to be nominated

You get to choose the Employee of the Year (guess what? It’s you!). But it is tricky to present a trophy to yourself. Small children and animals may be roped in (literally if need be, no judgement) to hear your acceptance speech and shower you with praise and confetti.

Squad goals

Small biz people can do anything. So, if you want to celebrate amongst the people, just head into a bar and rely on your wits and sparkling personality. That’s nothing prepared to what you’ve achieved on your own this year.

Women, you’ll make friends in the toilet line. Men… well, I don’t know how men make friends since they don’t queue to wee. You’ll think of something.

The Mayor of Struggletown

No one is judging you on another glass of champagne. So, you’re going to be the poor sap who gets the *drunkest* at your Christmas party. If you don’t get out a lot these days (because soloists work bloody hard), you may be on Struggle Street for 1-2 days. Possibly more if you plan this party right.

Secret Santa Kringly thing

Pro: You get to choose your own present.

Con: You have to choose your own present.

Capturing the moment

If you feel like a group selfie is what’s missing from your celebration, all is not lost. There’s the Photoshop option, or pop into some big corporate’s riverside drinks (security is so lax at these things… I hear), and jump in a few shots with your ‘colleagues’. If anyone asks, you’re from Accounts.

Come together

My pick? Round up a bunch of likeminded small and solo biz types for a long lunch. Form an orderly massage circle and pat each other on the back for another year of business bravery. Actually, nix the massage part… or you’ll find yourself in front of your HR rep. Yes, that’s you.

However you do it, take some time to celebrate yourself and your business this silly season. If that’s a few drinks and a nice meal, or sitting quietly and staring blankly at the wall for 20 minutes to take in all you do as a soloist, you do it your way!

This article originally appeared on Flying Solo, a website brimming with small business advice. Read my articles here.