Case studies to showcase customer success.  

Tell a human story about your brand with customer success stories

Case studies for your business? They’re actually not really about you, at least not the good ones. Case studies that involve the end user – the business or the person who you helped – are richer and more authentic than cookie cutter case studies. 

I’m Amanda. With a network of writers across Australia, we create case studies for government, NFP and corporate clients.

B2B case studies are a crucial bit of sales kit – especially when they speak to your target audience about problems you helped solve.

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Where to start with your case study

We can manage the complete case study process:

  • interviews with customers or users
  • internal briefs and background – what story are we chasing
  • data analysis and insights for powerful proof
  • writing and editing a killer case study
  • telling the world about it.

Investing in case studies gives you a hero piece of content that you can use across any and every channel. Publish the case study on your website and then:

  • break into social media posts
  • create audio content – from podcasts to audiograms
  • write related blogs as lead magnets into the main case study content
  • pitch guest articles related to case study to trade publications to build EAT 
  • push it out to existing customers too – they want to know you’re still on the ball.

Why should a case study be all about my customer?

Remember your English teacher telling you about writing, show, don’t tell? Well, a case study shows your audience what you can do and how it helps people just like them. It shows the challenge, the solution, the results, and the impact you made by solving the problem. But your business should be the guide, not the hero.

Engaging case studies are written to put a halo over your customer, so you can have it’s light shine on you. 

 Planning your case study 

Our case study plan might include: 

  • an NDA for our team so we can make your life easier with full access to the right people
  • content workflows and approvals
  • executive, internal and customer interviews
  • writing, editing and proofreading case study content 
  • coordinating design, video and animation needs
  • a content plan for amplifying your case study.

Brands I’ve worked with


Brands I’ve worked with


“Recommended big brand copywriter and TOV specialist.

Amanda delivered on an urgent deadline with content our clients loved!

I’d tell you what a great copywriter and tone of voice specialist she is

…but we’d like to keep her to ourselves!”


Content Manager, Brandalism

“You made such a difference. Excellent proofreading across a complex annual report – 2 years running!

At the end of a long annual report process, Amanda was the fresh set of eyes we needed to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Thanks Amanda for your fast turnaround and eagle eye.”


Manager, Content and Digital Assets, legalsuper

“YES – she gets it!

Amanda has continually delivered an amazing experience for a range of clients including website content for financial services, campaign concepts for leading NFPs and brand positioning for real estate clients.

She’s got a strategic marketing brain so she’s always asking the right questions – and smashing the copy to back up the big messages. Thanks Amanda!”


Founder, MOVED by Design

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