How much does copywriting cost?

How much does great copywriting cost?

So how much will your copywriting cost?

Every job is different. It’ll cost you more than a cup of coffee, less than a sports car.

I understand professional copywriting needs to add value to your business. 

Usually the most cost effective option is to package up all your needs and give a fixed price quote. No surprises. Plus the rate includes loads of extras like:

  • revisions (you can give feedback and make changes)
  • email, phone calls, online chat or Skype to stay in touch
  • professional proofreading
  • ownership of copyright of all content when the project is signed off (this is important)
  • oodles of free advice and recommendations along the way (I can’t help it, it’s just how I roll).

I might not be the right copywriter for you, but please remember you get what you pay for.

Money can’t buy happiness. But it can buy great copywriting, and that’s pretty much the same thing.

How to get a copywriting quote

If you want to work together, get in touch and give me an idea of your copywriting needs, your deadlines, and your budget.

I’ll provide you with an estimate and we can work on what you see as the priority for your business. There won’t be any hard upsells, but I will be upfront about what additional work will cost which wasn’t part of the original quote.

Working smart gets you the best value

You need to get bang for your buck. The best way to get the most for your copywriting money? Great communication. We’ll talk through a project brief to cover off what you need done, information about your business and products, the tone of voice you want to use in your copy and lots of other information. All this happens before I write a word. Understanding what your business needs from the get-go means a simpler, more affordable process.

How do you charge? How does payment work?

I’ll provide you with a fixed project cost estimate. You won’t get any nasty surprises.

The estimate will also include rates for additional work outside of the project scope we agree on, and ‘rush rates’ – cost options when you need something really fast. Just in case.

The estimate will include a bunch of terms and conditions regarding payment, deliverables and signing off the project.

Need more information on how much your copywriting will cost?

Get in touch for an obligation free quote. I’ll help you decide on the best value option for your project.

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