Working together on copywriting projects

Working smart to get projects moving

If you’re not sure where to start, let’s make a plan together

It’s easy to get started with WorkWords on a copywriting project.

Step 1: Complete a copywriting project brief

Contact me  and let me know about your project and how I can help.

We’ll complete a project brief together. This can include:

  • exactly what you need written and why
  • challenges for your business and how we can solve them
  • background on your business and brand
  • your target audience and what you want them to do
  • the tone of voice you want the writing to have
  • what your competitors are doing and what works
  • your budget.

Step 2: Project proposal and estimate

I will prepare a project proposal and estimate for you. It will include:

  • a clear outline of what work I will complete for you. This includes how many rounds of revisions who get, project timeframes, word counts and pages. It will be very specific about what is and isn’t included, and what I will need from you to make it happen

  • time needed for any competitor or background research to make sure I nail your job

  • quotes in Australian dollars (AUD). Depending on your project, I can provide a few options to choose from

  • all standard terms and conditions
  • rates for additional work outside of initial agreed scope

  • booking availability depending on your timeframes.

Step 3: Lock it in

When we agree on the project scope, deadlines and costs we lock your project in.

Step 4: The magic happens

We get to work! We’ll stay in touch by phone, email, Skype or online chat and keep on track with your project goals and budget.

I’m passionate about helping businesses make connections and get noticed. I hope we can work together!

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